Spare Parts

  • Unatrac provides a wide range of MaK Spare parts fo legacy engine models (M331, M332, M451, M452, M453, M551, M552 and M601) as well as for new engines models (M20, M25, M32 and M43).
  • MaK Marine Parts are specially designed and tested for MaK Marine Engines. Therefore it is important to use only genuine MaK parts for an everlasting good engine performance. These parts can be purchased only from MaK authorized dealers as Unatrac.
  • Genuine spare parts are delivered from Kiel warehouse in Germany directly to our customers within the shortest possible time and with best prices.
  • Engine warranty can be approved only if genuine parts are used for maintenance.
  • In addition to engine parts, Unatrac provide the following extra services to our the customers:
    • Genuine parts and services for engine auxiliaries such as separators, heat exchangers, alarm & monitoring, air compressors, turbochargers … etc.
    • Refit/Replacement operations for alarm & monitoring systems and any of the engine's auxiliaries.
    • Engine Parts Catalogues are available and can be submitted upon customer request.

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