MaK Marine Integrated Solutions

Caterpillar offers being a single source for the supply of vessels design, propulsion package including engines, gearboxes and propellers. Moreover, we can supply the power management and after treatment systems

This is achieved through long term cooperation, mutual trust and respect between MaK/Unatrac and premium partners all over the world whose products are integrated with our MaK Engines.


  • System responsibility and supply from a single source
  • Accurately matched interfaces
  • Coordinated delivery date control
  • Exceeding Customer Expectations
  • One Customer Experience Worldwide

Some of the main items that we supply to our customers through cooperation with MaK Systems Integration Department are :

  • Main Engines
  • Gensets
  • Conventional Propulsion Systems
  • Electric Propulsion Systems
  • Engine Auxiliaries (separators, heat exchangers, compressors .. etc)
  • Others
MaK Marine Integrated Solutions                             MaK Marine Integrated Solutions                                     

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