MaK Engines are medium speed engines with power ranges from 1020 kW to 16000 KW covering the needs of all commercial / ocean-going and pleasure craft application through providing the following power solutions:

  • Main Propulsion and Onboard Power Supply, including emergency gensets. 
  • Single or multi-engine plants and complete propulsion systems.




Marine Propulsion Engines

Propulsion engine is the heart of any vessel. MaK engines are well known for their reliability and high performance. Power range starts from 1020 kW to 16000 kW.

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Marine Generators

MaK provide complete marine generator sets with electric power from 1224 kVA to 9600 kVA.

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Engine Control, Alarm And Monitoring

A range of electronic engine control, alarm and monitoring systems are specially customized for MaK engines to provide best performance and safety onboard.

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