about us

"Unatrac International is the exclusive dealer for MaK engines in the Middle East and African Territories. Unatrac maintain market leadership through supplying products recognized for excellence in quality and value, provide superior levels of customer service through first class management and support customers growth & development through broadening and developing our products range"


  • Unatrac and MaK are to acquire Market Leadership within The Middle East & Africa


  • Seeking Market Leadership, in all markets that we serve, through supplying products and complete   solutions      which are recognized for excellence and value.
  • Provide Superior Levels of Customer Service through focusing on specific customer needs, offering customer value propositions and integrated solutions which are manually rewarding and establish lasting customer relationship.
  • Seek New Profitable Growth Opportunities by avoiding dependence on specific businesses, markets and geographical areas.
  • Grow Steadfast and Profitable Businesses by maintaining the policy of continuous process improvement, efficiency measures replica watches and first class management practices.

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